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The ECO Feet benefits for you, your customers and the environment

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Save Time

  • Install base in under an 1hr
  • Start building 1 hr later
  • Simple access through property 
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Save Money

  • No 24 hr wait period for concrete to set
  • Less weather dependent
  • Less labour requirement
  • Use 90% less concrete on like for like basis
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Eco Friendly

  • Improved drainage
  • No cold bridging
  • Low environmental footprint
  • Relocation possible 
  • No mechanical equipment required
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  • Made to last
  • Secure as building foundations
  • Each ECO Feet has 0.5 tonne of load bearing capacity
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Welcome to ECO Feet

Installing outdoor buildings can often be costly and time consuming, especially when you’re at the mercy of the weather. Add to that the shortage of materials, and you’ve got yourself a real headache.

But what if we told you that there’s a solution to installing a shed, summerhouse or greenhouse that uses 90% less materials? Yes, you heard correctly, 90% less.

Eco-Feet is the secret behind finishing a project off fast, to both yours and your customers delight. No need for duplicate site visits or waiting for concrete to set, you can now spend your time more wisely and move onto the next job knowing that you’ve chosen the best installation solution on the market.

G. Waller

Plus, if restricted access to properties is something you contend with daily, Eco-Feet’s shed base can fit in a small van, saving the stress of inner-city parking and needing access for large vehicles.

  • Excavate in preparation for ECO feet base | Eco-feet
    Excavate in preparation for ECO feet base
  • Install ECO Feet base
    Install ECO Feet base
  • Shim and level base | Eco-feet
    Shim and level base
  • Install structure once postcrete sets | Eco-feet
    Install structure once postcrete sets

ECO Feet Customer Reviews

John Chelmford Fencing & Landscaping

"Since switching to ECO Feet we've not lost a single job.

Every customer gets the choice of a traditional concrete base, but they have all chosen ECO Feet because it has a better finish, it's environmentally kinder and of course, the job is completed much more quickly.

The amount of hassle for us is also dramatically reduced in terms of access, labour, materials and machinery.

Not looking back!"

Luke Elliot

“Absolutely delighted with 52m2 garden building constructed without diggers and mixers. The whole base structure was completed in 2.5 days!”

Kathryn Selvey

"Our pergola was installed within hours. No mess or fuss and you wouldn't even know the patio had been disturbed. Very happy!"

Richard Blacklock

"We chose ECO Feet as a base for our 10' x 8' shed. The whole installation happened within a day and we are delighted with the result."

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Got some questions?

We’ve got the answers...

I'd like to order ECO Feet, how do I order?

All wholesale / trade orders are directly with ECO Feet online only: [email protected].

Keeping direct contact with our wholesale / trade Clients is very important to us as we aim to provide a personal service and can assist with any queries they may have.

We are on hand to help and support bespoke Projects you may need assistance with.

Do you supply timber bases?

Currently, we are supplying cutting sheets for all standard shed bases, which can be downloaded (F.O.C.), via our website. The timber design is based on standard 4” x 4” treated fence posts. The design is such that we use standard length fence posts, keeping the need for cutting to a bare minimum.

The grounds uneven, can I still use Eco-Feet?

ECO Feet can be used on uneven ground (up to 6” out of level).

How deep do the holes need to be for Eco-Feet?

We suggest a minimum depth of 500mm & a hole diameter of around 200mm to 250mm.

Eco Feet are 400mm in length so the ECO Feet do not touch the bottom of the prepared hole.

The ECO Feet are connected to the base frame and therefore float in the hole allowing the Postcrete to pass under and around them. The shims for levelling keep the base off the ground, so no cold bridging takes place, which helps keep the structure bases from becoming damp or rotting.

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